Loen valley with its wild nature and dramatic history is one of the big attractions in the area surrounding Alexandra.

here you can read more about the Lodal catastrophes in 1905 and 1936.

The impressive Kjenndal Glacier lies at the end of the valley, and on your way there, you can go fishing in the green Loen Lake.

At the end of the Loen Lake you will find Kjenndal Café, open all summer. 

Please find more information on www.kjenndalstova.no 

The boat MB Kjenndal II can be hired. for reservation - please contact post@kjenndalstova.no or call: +47 905 34 087. (Summer: +47 918 48 767)
Read more about the boat and time tables at www.kjenndalstova.no


MS Kjenndal II can take 100 passengers. It is 24 meters long and 4,40 meters wide.


The boat MS Kjenndal II can be hired, for reservations - please contact post@kjenndalstova.no or call mobile: +47 995 13 295 / +47 905 34 087
(summer: +47 918 48 767).