Hotel Loenfjord is a family-run hotel and is especially concerned with ensuring sustainable development for the benefit of our guests, staff, local community, and future generations. The climate challenges are a big and important responsibility, and Hotel Loenfjord wishes to contribute. Hotel Loenfjord is now certified as an Eco-Lighthouse.

Environmental measures

In recent years the Alexandra Group has invested heavily in a new energy plant to phase out the use of heating oil. Hotel Loenfjord will now utilize offshore technology to heat up the hotel rooms. This means that we now use only energy from the fjord and electricity from renewable local hydropower, which results in low energy consumption and no greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our new energy central ensures us several environmental benefits, and we are proud of being fossil-free and only using renewable energy:

  • No greenhouse gas emissions
  • Use of heat pumps based on renewable energy
  • Cooling by the use of seawater. The cooling energy in seawater is transferred to the hotel cooling systems using a heat exchanger, without the use of cooling devices
  • Fjord heat for heating of the entire hotel
  • Heat recovery
  • More secure and energy effective operation of the energy plant
  • Energy monitoring
  • Electricity is produced locally, mainly in Innvik

To save even more energy we also evenly change windows and doors in the hotel.

All our hotel departments have a strong focus on waste separation and are sorting food waste, plastic, paper, glass, and metal. Food waste is dried and reduced by approximately 76 %.

We invested in a new and sustainable laundry, where all detergents and cleansers are Swan labeled, and we avoid transportation of linen, towels, and clothes.

Through our main supplier NORES we set standards for our suppliers. NORES demands that all suppliers and subcontractors have an active environmental profile and an action program for the environment.

All pest controls are non-toxic, through Anticimex.

24 charging stations are installed for electric cars next to the Hotel Alexandra.

Drinking water is from the mountain right behind the hotel.

In addition to running the hotel, we engage in other measures like for example facilitating trails – especially through our ownership and engagement in Loen Skylift and also through the cooperation with The Norwegian Nature Inspection on building the Skåla trail. The trails are built to control traffic, avoid wear and tear outside the trails, avoid erosion, and encourage more physical activity. The trails are for the public and benefit both locals and visitors.

The Community

As a cornerstone in a small municipality, it is important to contribute to local wealth creation. We continuously work to create and maintain good and safe jobs, according to rules, regulations, and collective agreements. This is to ensure our employee's regulated terms and working conditions. Through occupational health services, we secure follow-up and prevention of disease, and we have an active work environment committee.

The Alexandra Group supports local organizations through sponsorships, prizes, arrangements, and gifts.

In all building projects, we mainly use local companies, and most of our other suppliers are also from the local community.

We engage in reusing building materials, furniture, and interior as much as possible.

We aim to use good local products to serve our guests. This contributes to local wealth creation and reduces the need for transportation. This is also more and more appreciated by our guests.

We are proud of our history and culture, and try to convey this to our guests through food and drink, art, storytelling, and dissemination of our rich traditions.

Economic sustainability

Hotel Loenfjord is a solid company, having delivered good and stable results over many years. This makes us able to constantly develop the product, secure safe jobs and do the right investments.

Hotel Loenfjord is now certified as an Eco-Lighthouse.